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Author Topic: Hopefully youll enjoy the buynba2k
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Post Hopefully youll enjoy the buynba2k
on: July 28, 2017, 03:15

NEW WEAPONSFor the most part it's your usual fare of NBA Live Coins lancers, shotguns and the occaisional torque bow thrown into the mix.But there are a few new weapons which are adding something completely different to the series, and one which we suspect will be a real fan favourite.We're talking of course about the drop shot, which some 'Gear Heads' might have already seen in leaks or the little teases put out by Rod Fergusson's Twitter feed.

The Dropshot works by letting you fire a drill-bit with an explosive head on it. When you fire, it sends the drill-bit out with a laser sight to guide you, and when you're ready, you can trigger it to NBA 2K18 MT drill down and explode. Time it right and land it on the enemies noggin to blow them to kingdom come (see below).But better yet, it provides something unseen in a Gears game. A weapon that flies overhead and negates that oh so precious cover you seek.

Once again, The Coalition seem intent on making you as uncomfortable as possible to move you out of cover and into the face of the enemy. Microsoft Gears of War 4 Dropshot SKILL RANKSThere's now a visible ranking system within the game so you don't have to fear playing those players who are vastly superior to you.The game will determine your skills and assign you a particular bracket. So that could be Bronze, Diamond, Gold etc.

And Bronze players will play Bronze, Diamond on Diamond and so forth.Think of it a bit like playing FIFA. You won't get matched with anyone outside your ranking and hopefully you'll enjoy the buynba2k multiplayer much more because of it. PLAYERS VS BOTSIf you've never played Gears before, there's no need to worry about facing off against a selection of players with vastly more experience than yourself.

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